Young Researcher Award in GIScience

The intent of this award is to encourage young researchers in the fields of Geoinformatics and Geographic Information Science at an early stage in their careers by publicly recognizing outstanding achievements.

Up to three awards will be presented annually to individuals under the age of 35 years, acknowledging publications enhancing the body of literature in the fields of Geoinformatics and Geographic Information Science. For applicants with different career paths (e.g. interruptions due to childcare), the age limit will be raised to 40 years. There are no restrictions concerning the nationality.

Recipients are chosen by the Waldo Tobler Prize Committee.

Recipients are honored with a citation and the sum of € 1,500 (to be shared in the event of more than one prizewinner).

Deadline for Applications: October 31, 2017

Please send the following application documents by e-mail to

  • CV
  • List of the publications
  • A copy of the publication submitted for the award (PDF)

More information: