DOC- Instruction for Applicants


  1. Documents to be sent by regular mail:
    Do not use staples or transparent sheets and put the hard copies of your documents in the order listed below. (Submitted documents will not be returend after the evaluation process.)
  2. Documents to be sent by e-mail:
    Please put your name and the title of your project in the files for your abstract and for your project description. Signatures are not required in the electronic version. Do not send protected files!
  3. It is not possible to change or add anything after the application deadline.
    Incomplete applications are not accepted.
  4. Exclusion of reviewers:
    Appplication may submit a list of up to 3 reviewers who should not be asked to review the application due to conflicts of interest. Please justify briefly why these persons should be excluded.

Revision of rejected applications
In case you intend to resubmit a revised application after previous rejection, please indicate that it is a resubmission in a letter accompanying your application. In addition, please address the suggestions and criticism expressed in the reviews of the previous application and point out the changes that have been made.

Documents to be sent by regular mail and by e-mail:

A)  Application Documents: 

  1. online application form
    - Please fill in the form in German.
    After you have submitted your application documents, the data are stored in the database of the Office for Fellowships and Awards of the OeAW.
  2. tabular CV
  3. Publication list (when applicable)
    - a complete list of your scientific publications including names of all authors, full title, series/journal title, year and page numbers (no abbreviations!)
    The list should be ordered inversely chronological as follows: 
    peer-reviewed journals (incl. accepted and admitted), books, editions, published conference papers, posters.
    Please also state which publications result from your Master’s thesis.
  4. Cover letter (max. 2 pages)
    - description of your medium-term career objectives, the desired impact of the fellowship on your scientific career as well as the motivation for the choice of research fields
  5. Transcripts  of records for Bachelor and Master studies
  6. Reference letter of the supervisor of the doctoral thesis (one copy must bear the original signature),
    and a list of selected publications (max. 1 page) which prove that the supervisor is or has been doing research in relevant fields
  7. Short description of the university institute or research institution where the research for the doctoral thesis is performed
  8. Confirmation of work space
    - confirmation by the head of the university institute or the research institution that necessary workspace and infrastructure is provided (one copy must bear the original signature)
  9. Submission of all necessary clearance and any permits that are required (e.g. Ethics Commission or Commission for Animal Experimentation)
  10. Invitation of the host institute, in case a research stay abroad is planned

    B. Project Description

  11. Abstract (i.e. project summary 1-2 pages)
  12. Project description  (min. 10 and max. 20 pages)
    The project description must be structured as follows:
    o Background (description of the problem / status of research)
    o Specific Aims
    o Methodology
    o Work Procedure and Timetable
    o References

C)  Submission of Documents:

Please submit all documents by regular mail AND by e-mail!

by regular mail:
Sign the printed version of the online application form (pt 1) and send it together with two copies of all requested documents (pt 2-12) – printed on one side only – to:

Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften
Abteilung für Stipendien und Preise
Postgasse 7-9
1010 Wien

by e-mail:
Send all requested documents (pt 1-12) and your Master’s thesis in 4 PDF files to
File size must not exceed 2 MB each (exception: Master’s thesis).
Please name the files as follows:

o Application_Surname.pdf   (= pt 1-10, application documents)
o Abstract_Surname.pdf        (= pt 11, abstract)
o Proposal_Surname.pdf       (= pt 12, project description)
o Masterthesis_Surname.pdf