DOC-team Instructions for Applicants

Fill in the online application form (Online-Erfassungsbogen) in German. After you have submitted your application documents, your data are stored in the database of the Office for Fellowships and Awards of the OeAW.

Sign the printed version of the online application form and send it by regular mail together with three copies of all the requested documents (printed on one side only) to the Office for Fellowships and Awards. In addition, please send all documents as PDF-files by email.

You may exclude up to three potential reviewers from the review procedure.

Do not use staples and put the hard copies of your documents in the order listed below. (The documents you submit will not be returned after the end of the evaluation process.)

After the application deadline it is not possible to change or add anything. Incomplete applications are not accepted.

Application deadline: October 31 each year (date of postmark)

Approval of topic
In case an approval of topic and/or supervisior is obligatory for PhD students at your University in Austria please add a timetable to your application data displaying the necessary steps to pass the approval procedure until Mid of October the latest.

Revision of rejected applications
In case you have revised and intend to resubmit an application after previous rejection, please indicate that it is a resubmission in a letter accompanying your application.
In addition, include comments on each review addressing the suggestions and criticism expressed in the review of the previous application and point out the changes that have been made. This can be done either in the accompanying letter or in the project description.

Please send by regular mail (three hard copies):

A) Application Documents  

  1. Online Application Form (Online-Erfassungsbogen)
  2. Tabular CV
  3. Copies of Final Grade Certificates for Diplom or Master Studies
  4. Registration as a doctoral candidate at an Austrian University (Inskriptionsbestätigung)
  5. Publication list (when applicable)
    This list should be a complete list of your scientific publications ordered inversely chronological as follows: peer-reviewed journals (incl. accepted and submitted), books, editions, published conference papers, posters.
    The list must mention for each work: all authors, full authors, full title, series/journal title, year and page numbers. Do not use abbreviations!
  6. If you plan to be employed with the DOC-team fellowship at an Austrian university or research institution, please submit a written statement ot the head ot that institution confirming this possibility (one copy must bear the original signature).

B) Project Description

  1. Concept of Supervision, i.e. a joint declaration of all supervisors (including cooperation partners abroad) concerning their contribution to the realization ot the team's project (one copy must bear the original signature)
  2. Abstract (i.e. project summary of 1-2 pages)
  3. Project Description (20-25 pages)
    The Project description must be structured as follows:
    • Background (description of the problem / status of research)
    • Specific Aims
    • Methodology
    • Account of the interdisciplinary approach and its relevance for the research question(s)
    • Account of the division of responsibilities between the team members an of the cooperation within the group including timetable
    • Selected Bibliography

All documents that are sent by regular mail and the Master’s thesis of each team member have to be sent by email as well.

Please send the following as PDF-files to

A) Application documents - one PDF includes the documents of all team members
B) Concept of supervision and Project description - one PDF
C) Abstract
D) Master's thesis of each team member

Please send three hard copies of the application documents by regular mail to the following address:

Austrian Academy of Sciences
Office of Fellowships and Awards
Postgasse 7-9
1010 Wien