L'ORÉAL Instruction for Applicants

L'ORÉAL Austria [Fellowships for Young Female Scientists in Basic Research]

Application documents:

  1. online form 
  2. CV (in tabular form and english language)
  3. List of publications Please indicate which publications result from your Master’s or your doctoral thesis.
  4. Research and career-plan for the next three years (approx. 1 DIN A4 page, single-lined in english language)
  5. Statement of the head of the research group or tutor of the dissertation (in english language)
  6. Confirmation of the place of work (indicating the possibility to use the infrastructure) by the head of the institute where the research will be carried out
  7. Description of the research project: 3-5 DIN A4 pages, single-lined, excl. bibliography), to be structured as follows (in english language):
    - Research Questions and Methods
    - Work and Time Plan (esp. for the requested fellowship period)
    - Bibliography / References
  8. If necessary, submission of all necessary clearance and any permits that are required (e.g. Ethics Commission or Commission for Animal Experimentation)
  9. Copy of final high school diploma
  10. Copies of all Diploma/Master/PhD certificates (or transcript of records including marks of all passed exams)
  11. For Non-Austrian citizens: confirmation showing that the applicant has been living in Austria for past 3 years (copy of the residence form – Meldezettel) 

Submission of documents by e-mail and by regular mail:

by e-mail:
Send all requested documents in two PDF-files to application@oeaw.ac.at.
File size must not exceed 2 MB each. Please name the files as follows: Application_Surname.pdf (= pt 1 - 8)
Certificates_Surname.pdf (= pt 9 - 11)

by regular mail:
Sign the printed version of the online application form (pt 1) and send it together with two copies of all requested documents (pt 2-11) – printed on one side only – to

Commission for UNESCO
Therese Walder-Wintersteiner, B.A., M.A.I.S.
Universitätsstr. 5/12
1010 Wien