MAX KADE Instructions for Applicants

Choice of Research Institution:
The Max Kade Foundation is not permitted to make a grant check payable to an individual or to any other entity except the host institute, which must be a public charity and not a private foundation according to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Most universities and colleges fall into this category.

Please send by regular mail (two hard copies):

Application Documents:

  1. Online form (Online-Formular)
    After you have submitted your application documents, your data are stored in the database of the Office for Fellowships and Awards of the OeAW
  2. Tabular CV
  3. Publication list 
  4. Description of academic career, incl. Education
  5. Confirmation by the head of the university institute or the research institution in Austria that it will be possible for the applicant to return to the institution after the project's completion (one copy must bear the original signature).
  6. Invitation letter from the host institution in the USA confirming the possibility of carrying out the research project as planned (one copy must bear the original signature).
  7. Submission of all relevant clearance and any permits (e.g. from the Ethics Commission or the Commission for Animal Experimentation) that are required

      Project Description:

  8. Abstract (i.e. project summary of 1-2 pages)
  9. Project description (min. 10 and max. 20 pages)
    The Project description must be structured as follows:
    • Background (description of the problem/ status of research)
    • Specific Aims
    • Research Methods
    • References
  10. Work Procedure and Timetable, incl. a description of the applicant's contribution to the overall project
  11. Reference letters by three persons who know the applicant's academic background (one copy of each letter must bear the original signature)

All documents that are sent by regular mail have to be sent by email as well.

Please send 3 PDF-files to

A) Application documents (pt 1-7)
B1) Abstract (pt 8)
B2) Project description (pt 9-11)

Please send two hard copies of the application documents by regular mail to the following address:
Austrian Academy of Sciences
Office of Fellowships and Awards
Postgasse 7-9
1010 Wien