MAX KADE Program Information

The Max Kade Foundation offers fellowships for the promotion of postdoctoral research. These fellowships are intended for young, highly qualified post-docs who have already proved their aptitude for scientific research by completing their doctoral thesis, collaborating in research projects and teaching at universities.

The target group of this fellowship programme are candidates who need a research stay in the USA following the completion of their doctorate or PhD in order to acquire relevant qualifications for their academic career.

Eligibility Requirements
Applicants for a MAX KADE fellowship

  • must have completed their doctorate or PhD at a university and in a scientific discipline related to the project they hope to perform abroad,
  • must have completed their PhD no more than 10 years before applying,
  • must be Austrian citizens or must have been living in Austria for at least 3 years within 10 years before applying,
  • must have performed scientific research and be able to prove this by means of publications (in peer-reviewed journals).
  • must propose a research project that justifies the need for a stay in the USA,
  • must provide a letter of invitation of the host institution in the USA,

For applicants who interrupted their scientific work for reasons of child care the limit is raised by three years for each child. Exceptions from the limit will also be made for persons providing proof of military or alternative national service.

The Max Kade Foundation demands that candidates are still in Austria when applying and  have the possibility of return to a research institution in Austria.

Duration of Funding
MAX KADE fellowships are granted for 12 months. An extension of up to 6 months may be granted by the Max Kade Foundation within the first year.

Amount of Funding
At present, a MAX KADE fellowship amounts to 51,200 US-$ annually before tax.
In addition, the Max Kade Foundation offers travel subsidies, calculated according to fixed rates. Additional subsidies for partner and children may be requested provided that they will accompany the applicant to the USA (see Stipendiensätze).
The Max Kade Foundation
The MAX KADE Foundation provides the fellowship amount to the host institution in the USA. MAX KADE fellows are paid in monthly installments by the host institution.

Application, Acceptance
Applications must be submitted to the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Applicants will be selected by the Fellowship Committee, which is supported by reviewers from abroad.
Applicants are free to submit applications to other institutions (including those offering fellowships). However, the Office of Fellowships and Awards of the Austrian Academy of Sciences must be informed about these applications as well as about the outcome.

Terms of Application
Applications should be submitted to the Austrian Academy of Sciences by May 2 of each year (deadline date). Fellowships will be granted in October. The final funding decision is made by the Max Kade Foundation in January of the following year.

Legal recourse is excluded.

Transparency of the Review Process
In a first meeting, the Fellowship Committee selects those applications that are to be reviewed by international experts. In a second meeting, the Committee decides about the allocation of the fellowships - this decision is based on the reviews and on reports by the members of the committee. The reviews are anonymized and forwarded to the applicants.

There is no legal right to the granting of a fellowship.

[As of March 2017]