Hans and Walter Thirring-Award

Established in memory of the Austrian physicists Hans Thirring (1888-1976) and Walter Thirring (1927-2014).

The award is given to young scientists (up to 8 years after completion of PhD) for outstanding research achievements in all areas of physics published in internationally renowned journals.

Nominations may be submitted for young scientists who received their PhD from an Austrian university or who are working at a university or research institution at the time of their nomination. The candidate should be known in his/her field as an independent researcher.

Direct applications are not accepted.

The award amounts to EUR 4,000,-.

Deadline for Submissions: March 31, 2017

Please send the following nomination documents to application@oeaw.ac.at:

  • CV and publication list of the nominee
  • selection of up to 5 publications of the nominee (PDF-files)
  • Personal statement by the nominator - please address the following aspects, in particular:
    - nominee’s international reputation
    - description of the discoveries, recognised theories or insights that he or she has achieved as well as their impact on the field
    - assessment of his/her publication activity

Dr. Barbara Haberl
Awards and Fellowhips of the Austrian Academy of Sciences
E-Mail: barbara.haberl@oeaw.ac.at