APART [Austrian Programme for Advanced Research and Technology]

financed by the Federal Ministry for Science and Research, additional funding comes from the City of Vienna


To enable young, excellent scientists and scholars from all disciplines to carry out a research project which can be used to prepare a post-doctoral thesis (Habilitation)

Eligibility Requirements:

  • no age limit
  • at least two and not more than six years after completion of the doctorate
    (for exceptions see programme information)
  • Austrian citizenship or the research project is carried out at an Austrian institution
  • list of publications (in peer-reviewed journals)

Amount of Funding: 61,000 euros annually before tax
in addition, max. 10,000 euros annually for scientific equipment and travel expenses

Funding Duration: 24 to 36 months

In 2014, 15 APART fellowships have been awarded.

There will be no call for applications in 2016, as the programme is to be redesigned.