PRE-DOC FELLOWSHIPS from the Dimitrov Endowment


In order to make an application for a pre-doc fellowship from the ÖAW Dimitrov Endowment, the following steps are required:

I    Consideration of general information
II   Registration in the online form
III  Preparation of the documents
IV  Submission of the documents



End of the submission deadline

28 February 2020

Language of the application

Applications must be filed in English.

Subsequent changes

After receipt of the application, changes or submission of missing documents are no longer possible. 

Only applications meeting the formal criteria will be included in the evaluation review.



The applicant’s data, after receipt of the application documents, will be taken into the database of the Department for Fellowships and Awards.

Online Form (zugänglich zum nächsten Einreichtermin)


For completion of the application the application documents as well as the project documents must be prepared.

Application documents

  • Tabular CV
  • List of publications including an indication of which publications emerged from the master's thesis
  • Motivation statement with a justification of the application (1 page)
  • Statement by the thesis supervisor with evaluation of the applicant’s professional qualifications and on the thesis project (relevance, preparatory work by the applicant, if any)
  • If necessary: Confirmation of a workspace, i.e. confirmation of the possibility to use rooms and resources at the institute (including an original signed copy)
  • Examiners’ reports of the master’s thesis (if available)
  • Proof of previous academic performance (bachelor’s and master’s studies): Submission of grades of all study segments (photocopies), i.e., a listing of all examination performance (including marks) in studies
  • Proof of social need by means of information on the applicant’s own assets or submission of evidence of personal income (payroll stub, income tax assessment or certification by employer)
    Note: The information on social need will only be stored internally for formal review of the application documents and will not be forwarded to the members of the Selection Committee or the reviewers.

Project documents

  • Abstract (= short version of the project description, maximum 1 page), one version each in English and German
  • Description of the dissertation project (5-8 pages)

The following points must be taken into account:

  • Scientific relevance and brief presentation of the current state of research
  • Research questions/hypotheses, methods, objectives (where applicable, including preparatory work already produced)
  • (potential) Cooperation partners
  • Schedule for the support period applied for and design for further financing envisaged (type of support envisaged)
  • List of literature relevant to the project



The prepared documents are to be submitted via the online form and printed out by post.

Submission by means of the online form

Fill in the online form (see item II above) and upload the documents in a total of three PDF files.

Give your name and the title of the project in the abstract. In the electronic version no signatures are necessary; protected files will not be accepted.

The size of the individual files may not exceed 3 MB. The files are to be named as follows:

  • Application_lastname.pdf (= Application documents)
  • Abstract_lastname.pdf (= Abstract)
  • Proposal_lastname.pdf (= Project description)
  • Proof_lastname.pdf (= Proof of income)


Submission by post

As soon as the online form has been filled out and the documents uploaded, click on Send. As confirmation that your application has been sent, you will receive an email with the PDF version of the filled out online form.

Send printed out and signed online form together with the documents cited above (written on one side) to:

Austrian Academy of Sciences
Fellowships and Awards
Vordere Zollamtsstraße 3
1030 Wien

When compiling your documents, please do not use any transparent folders or staples and submit the documents sorted in the sequence indicated above and not bound.

(The documents will not be returned after the end of the evaluation review.)


After expiry of the submission deadline, the applications received on time will be checked for completeness and the presence of any formal flaws and recorded in the database of the Department for Fellowships and Awards with a project number (A-number).

After completion of the completeness check, the applicants will receive more precise information about the further course of procedure by email.