DOC-team-Programme Information

[Doctoral Fellowship Programme for Teams from the Humanities, Cultural Studies and Social Sciences]

Programme Information

With the financial support of the Ministry for Science and Research (BMWF), the Austrian Academy of Sciences offers fellowships for teams of 3 to 4 doctoral candidates cooperating on a research project across discipline boundaries.
DOC-team is an excellence programme for the promotion of junior scientists.


Following current theoretical concepts of transdisciplinarity / interdisciplinarity, the objective of this doctoral fellowship programme is described as follows:

  • crossing of boundaries between disciplines and fields of research
  • presentation of an integrative concept offering strategies of problem resolution which cannot be provided by any single discipline
  • support of new principles of academic work and organisation in the humanities, cultural studies and social sciences

The institutional integration of doctoral candidates in university departments or other research institutions is to be supported in every respect.


Promotion of team-oriented research demands a differently structured fellowship programme; that is, only teams of doctoral candidates may apply for fellowships, not individuals.
Accordingly, the teams are expected to file applications which are problem-oriented instead of object-oriented.

The Austrian Academy of Sciences promotes teams of doctoral candidates (3 to 4 persons from at least two different disciplines each) who, supervised by at least two scholars from different disciplines, together approach a problem which can be solved only by crossing disciplinary boundaries.

Members of a team must come from at least two different research areas of the Humanities, Cultural Studies or Social Sciences. Doctoral candidates from the fields of medicine, the natural or technical sciences may also be members of a team.

The supervisors should be from different disciplines; one of them should be from a well-known research institution abroad.

Cooperating supervisors from non-university research institutions or other research institutions in the social sciences or cultural studies are welcome.

Institutional Integration

Fellowships may be paid by means of a salary by a research institution in Austria; this institution is expected to bear part of the expenses by providing necessary infrastructure. A declaration of intent to integrate the project into the research programme of the institution should be submitted.

Each of the team members must spend at least half a year at the research institution of the cooperating supervisor abroad.

All participating institutions must offer comprehensive supervision to the doctoral candidates as well as provide infrastructure and working conditions suitable for the realization of the project (written agreement).


Doctoral students who meet the requirements for starting a doctoral programme at a university are invited to apply.

Applicants must not be older than 30 years when applying (deadline date) or they must have received their degree (Diplom/Master) no longer than 4 years before the 1st January of the year fo application.

For applicants who interrupted their scientific work for reasons of child care the age limit is raised by three years for each child. Exceptions from the age-limit will also be made for persons providing proof of military or alternative national service.

Any revocation of the age-limit must be applied for in advance at the Office for Awards and Fellowships of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

Applicants who are not Austrian citizens must be enrolled in a doctoral or PhD programme at an Austrian university and must carry out their dissertation project at an Austrian research institution.

Payment / Duration

Only those members of the team who are doctoral candidates are funded.

At present, DOC-team fellowships amount to 38,000 euros annually before tax. An additional amount of 5,000 euros will be paid for travel expenses.

A maximum of 1,900 euros annually may be paid for child care.

Fellowships are granted for up to three years.

A joint publication of the results of a team's research project may be subsidized with an amount up to 2,000 euros, within 18 months after the end of the fellowship.

Terms of Application / Evaluation

Applications must be submitted to the Austrian Academy of Sciences by October 31; fellowships will be granted by the end of March of the following year.

The evaluation process differs substantially from those of other fellowship programmes:
The fellowship committee, under the chairmanship of the President and the Vice President of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, consists of six experts already distinguished in transdisciplinary research, at least two of them come from international research institutions.
International reviewers, who are known for crossing disciplinary boundaries in their work, may be consulted.
Hearings with the teams are also part of the evaluation process, the supervisors of the team members are invited to the hearing as well. In addition to the scientific value, the coordination of the team members in the context of the project will be appraised.
After the first of half of the fellowship, conferences are organized giving the teams the opportunity to inform the members of the committee about the progress of their projects.

Applicants are free to submit applications to other institutions (including those offering fellowships). However, the Office for Awards and Fellowships of the Austrian Academy of Sciences must be informed about these applications as well as about the outcome.

Gender Mainstreaming

This programme is intended as part of the gender mainstreaming strategy and aims at increasing the proportion of female applicants and recipients.

Legal Status

The Austrian Academy of Sciences does not influence content and organization of research programmes. It does not acquire any rights to research results. Research plans drawn up by recipients are the criterion for support or continued support.

[As of March 2017]


Value of Fellowship
38,000 Euros annually (before tax)

Length of Fellowship
36 months

31 October 2022