ATHENS Statutes

Programme statutes


The fellowships are awarded for research projects requiring a stay in Athens.

As a site of research, Athens guarantees a unique dynamic environment for research projects in the above-listed fields in the form of the scientific community in the many Greek research institutions and foreign schools or institutes and their specialists, relevant scholarly events and specialist libraries with their various orientations.

Furthermore, the rich and first-class legacy of the Classical period in the museums and archaeological sites in Athens and Greece enable immediate contact with the materials underpinning the above-listed fields of study.


Target group

Applications are invited from doctoral candidates and senior researchers at universities or non-university research institutes in Austria.

Applicants without Austrian citizenship must be able to demonstrate that Austria has been their main place of residence and site of research for at least two years.

Duration of funding

The fellowships are awarded for a period of 1–9 months (pre-doc) or 1–3 months (post-doc).

The fellowships can be taken up within six months of announcement of their allocation.

What is included

The level of funding amounts to 1,200 Euros per month (pre-doc) or 2,000 Euros per month (post-doc).

An additional single payment of 500 Euros in travel expenses is also granted.

A fellowship also provides the following:

  • free accommodation in the visitors’ wing of the institute’s headquarters,
  • a workspace with access to the facilities of the OEAI Athens,
  • support from the OEAI Athens with requisite applications to the relevant Greek authorities and foreign archaeological schools and institutes based in Athens,
  • support in general and practical affairs such as information, planning travel etc.

Selection process

The completed documents should be submitted to the OeAW (Department of Fellowships and Awards) before the submission deadline (as postmarked).

The members of the awarding committee are experts nominated by the OeAW. The decision to award the fellowships is made on the basis of external reviews.

Significant selection criteria are the applicants’ academic qualifications, the scholarly quality of the research project and demonstration of the necessity of the research stay in Athens for the project’s completion.

The committee meets in November to award the fellowships. Applicants are informed in writing of the panel’s decision.

There is no entitlement to a fellowship. The committee’s decision is final.


Goal attainment

All fellows are obliged to present the (initial) results of their research project to a wider academic audience during their stay at the OeAI Athens.

A final report is to be sent to the Department of Fellowships and Prizes of the OeAW no later than one month after completion of the funding period.

Publications arising from the funding must also be submitted. All publications arising from the funding must state “gefördert im Rahmen des Stipendienprogramms der ÖAW am ÖAI-Athen” or “funded within the fellowship program of the OeAW at OeAI Athens”.

[As of June 2017]