[Fellowships at the Historical Institute at the Austrian Cultural Forum in Rome]

Information & Requirements

Applications for ROME Fellowships of the Austrian Academy of Sciences are invited from highly qualified doctoral candidates and scholars who

  • have a Diplom/Master’s degree or doctorate/PhD in the fields of history, art history, Classical studies, literary studies, musicology, ecclesiastical history or ecclesiastical law,
  • have Austrian citizenship or have been resident in Austria for at least two years, and
  • present a specific project on Rome or Italy which requires a stay in Rome.

Priority is given to projects that have a connection to research conducted at the Historical Institute in Rome (for further details visit

Priority is also given to junior researchers.

Duration of funding

ROME Fellowships are awarded for a period of one to nine months.

Level of funding

The level of funding for a ROME Fellowship currently amounts to 1,000 Euros per month.

Fellowships also include a single payment of 250 Euros in travel expenses.

The Fellowship also includes free accommodation in one of the rooms for fellows at the Institute in Rome.

Applicants who are employed and retain payment during their sabbatical receive 50 per cent of the funding.

Applicants should also state on the online form whether at the time of funding they will receive income amounting to over 500 Euros per month. In this case too, only 50 per cent of the monthly stipend will be paid.


Applicants are entitled to apply for other (funded) positions. Notification of such applications and information on their outcome must be provided in writing to the Department of Fellowships and Awards of the Austrian Academy of Sciences however.