To apply for a DOC-team Fellowship of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, the following steps must be followed:

I Read the general guidelines

II Complete the online form

III Prepare documents

IV Submit documents


I General guidelines

Language of application

The application must be written in German or English. This applies to both the application and the project documents.

Admission to doctoral/PhD studies

Applicants who would like to research at a university that has introduced entrance procedures for doctoral/PhD studies are requested to provide an accompanying letter indicating that have met these requirements (enclose evidence) or indicating the date of the forthcoming procedure. Proof that entry requirements have been met must be provided by the hearing at the awards meeting (in late March) by the latest.

Post-submission amendments

It is not possible to alter the document or supply missing documents after submission. Only applications that meet the formal criteria will be accepted for assessment.

Exclusion of reviewers

Up to three potential reviewers who might have negative conflicts of interest can be excluded from the review process.


In the event of an unsuccessful application, it is possible to resubmit as long as the conditions of application are fulfilled.

Applications submitted a second time must be clearly indicated as such. Resubmission must be accompanied by a letter outlining the progress that has been made with the project since the first submission. If the reviews of the first submission expressed criticism or suggestions for reworking, this must be addressed in a statement and it must be shown whether and how these suggestions have been taken into consideration.

II Online Form

Upon receipt of the completed form, the applicant’s data will be entered into the database of the Department of Fellowships and Awards.

Online Form

III Preparing documents

To complete the application, it is necessary to prepare application documents and project documents.

Application documents (to be submitted by each member of the group)

  • Tabular CV
  • List of publications (if existent)
    Clear structure, i.e. a complete list of academic publications in reverse chronological order stating all authors, title, medium of publication (no abbreviations!), year, number of first and last page.
    Please state which of the publications listed resulted from your Diplom/Master’s dissertation.
  • Certificate of your last Master’s/Diplom examination
  • Confirmation of workspace, i.e. the opportunity to use facilities and resources of the host institute (including a signed copy) if necessary for completion of the thesis project
  • Enclose an (informal) invitation by the cooperation partner abroad.

Project documents

  • Supervision outline
    i.e. joint declaration/agreement by the supervisory team (if possible including the cooperation partners abroad) outlining the group’s research project and its procedures (including a signed copy)
  • Abstract (brief exposé (one to two pages) of the joint research project)
  • Joint team proposal (ca. 20–25 pages)
    The project description should include:
    -   general goal setting
    -   detailed definition of the problem and the current state of research
    -   methodology
    -   outline of the interdisciplinary approach and its relevance to the problem
    -   timetable including division of tasks between the individual members of the group and an outline of how cooperation within the group will be organised
    -   select bibliography

IV Submitting documents

The completed documents are to be submitted via the online form.

Submission via the online form

Please complete the online form and upload the documents as a total of 3 PDFs.

Provide the names of all the team members and the title of the joint project in both the abstract and the proposal. The electronic version does not require signatures. Protected files will not be accepted.

The size of the files may not exceed 3 MB.

The files should be named as follows:

A) Bewerbung_Surname.pdf (= application documents without certificates)

B) Proposal_Surname.pdf (= supervision concept and joint thesis proposal)

C) Abstract_Surname.pdf (= proposal abstract)

Afterwards, you will receive a document that you will have to print and sign. Return a scan of the signed form in PDF format (single file) as an attachment to a reply to the received email (click reply button). IMPORTANT: The default subject and recipient must not be changed.


Upon receipt of your application, it will be checked for completeness and it will then be entered into the database of the Department of Fellowships and Awards with a project number.

Once the project has been checked for completeness, the applicants will receive confirmation by email.



Upon being awarded a Fellowship

General documents