Max-Kade Programme Statutes

Programme statutes


The Max Kade Foundation awards fellowships promoting junior scholars in all areas of research. These fellowships are aimed at highly qualified young researchers (Dr., PhD or MD,, who already have a post at universities or academic research institutes and are able to undertake their own research and teaching activities.


  • Completion of doctoral studies (Dr., PhD or MD,, in a scholarly discipline connected to the proposed project,
  • a maximum of ten years research experience at the point of submission,
  • Austrian citizenship or proof of residency in Austria for at least three of the last ten years,
  • evidence of research experience in the form of scholarly publications (corresponding to the applicant’s career stage),
  • a detailed description of the research project and explanation as to why the stay abroad is necessary,
  • an invitation from the selected research institution in the USA

Recognition is given to time taken out for childcare of up three years per child: further exceptions are made in the case of military or civilian service or disabilities. Exceptions must be discussed with the Department of Fellowships and Awards prior to application.

It is expected that the candidates are residing in Austria at the time of application and will return to Austria following the research stay.

Duration of Funding

MAX KADE Fellowships are awarded for a period of 12 months. If justified in exceptional cases, a single extension of up to 6 months can be applied for directly via the Max Kade Foundation in New York.

Submission, application

Applications should be submitted to the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Decisions are made by an awarding committee, which may consult reviewers abroad.

Applicants are entitled to apply to other (funding) bodies. The Department of Fellowships and Awards of the Austrian Academy of Sciences must be informed in writing of the result of such applications however – including during the assessment process.

Application formalities

Applications can be submitted once a year up to the submission deadline via online form. The awarding committee’s decision is made in the October/November of the same year.
The fellowship can be taken up upon notification of the award by the Max Kade Foundation (usually from February of the following year onwards).

Transparency of the review process

The candidates’ applications that make the shortlist are reviewed by international experts.  The committee’s decision to award fellowships is based on the reviews and the reports of the individual committee members. Upon completion of the review procedure, the reviews are anonymised before being sent to each applicant.

There is no legal entitlement to a fellowship.

[As of 2017]



Value of Fellowship
56.500,- USD

Duration of Fellowship
12 Monate

Submission Deadline
1 September 2023




Max Kade Foundation, New York