Programme Statutes

APART-MINT is a funding programme for excellent young scientists in mathematics, natural and life sciences, technical sciences and medicine in the first post-doc phase of their careers.

The fellowships with a duration of 12 months are intended to support unconventional, innovative, potentially risky ideas with an uncertain outcome.

Target Group

Applications are invited from post-docs from Austria and abroad who

  • finished their doctorate/PhD no longer than three years before applying,
  • submit an original and innovative idea for a project and
  • can already demonstrate outstanding publications.

The project can be undertaken at any suitable Austrian research institution.


Recognition is given to time taken out for (child)care or in the case of disabilities/illness or military or civilian service. Exceptions must be discussed with the Department of Fellowships and Awards prior to application.

Duration of Funding

The fellowships are awarded for a period of 12 months.

In the case of a positive assessment of the progress of the project by the end of the funding period, an extension for a further six months is possible.

Level of Funding

The level of funding (= personnel costs) amounts to EUR 70,000 gross/gross.

Additional funding amounting to a maximum of EUR 12,000 can be applied for in order to finance project-specific travel and materials expenses.

In case of an extension for a further six months, the amount of the fellowship for this period is EUR 35,000 gross/gross.

A subsidy of up to EUR 2.000 per annum is available for childcare.


The funding is paid in annual instalments either directly to the fellow (“Neue Selbstständige”) or to the university or non-university research institute in Austria at which the fellow is employed.  Employment within the framework of the funding programme is conditional on confirmation by the director of the institute that in the event of a fellowship being awarded a workspace will be available.

There can be no payment of the fellowship for any period before its commencement.


The project should be started not later than four months after the fellowship was granted.

For the duration of the project fellows must be employed or get support by an Austrian university or research institute that provides the necessary infrastructure.

Fellows who fail to adhere to the conditions of the fellowship due to their own fault are obliged to return the funding.


At the end of the funding period, the progress of the project must be presented to members of the selection committee.

In the case of a positive assessment, an extension for a further six months to prepare an application for third-party-funding is possible.


Selection process

The selection process for an APART-MINT Fellowship of the Austrian Academy of Sciences takes around three to four months.

The candidates’ applications that make the shortlist are reviewed by international experts.  The committee decides on the award of the fellowships on the basis of the reviews.

There is not a fixed pool of reviewers; for each application, experts are sought who can assess the proposal on the basis of their own academic experience or research activities in line with the international standards in the given field of research. These reviewers are engaged on a voluntary basis, i.e. they do not receive financial remuneration for this activity.

Upon completion of the review procedure, the reviews are anonymised before being sent to each applicant.

The committee’s decision is final.

Awarding committee

The awarding committee consists of scientists at a university or non-university research institution in Austria or abroad. The committee members are nominated by the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

Care is taken when assembling the committee to avoid bias.

Assessment criteria

Relevant for the assessment is the scientific quality of the research project; esp. original, innovative, unconventional aspects are crucial when deciding whether to award a fellowship.

Legal status

The Austrian Academy of Sciences does not exert any influence on the content and organisation of the research proposal.  The criterion for funding or its continuation is the fellow’s fulfilment of their own research plan.

All research activities undertaken by the fellows are for their own exclusive benefit. The fellows are not obliged to undertake any work for the benefit of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

[As of September 2021]


Programme Statutes APART-MINT



Value of Fellowship
+ travel, material costs

Duration of Fellowship
12 Months

Submission Deadline


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