Max-Kade Application


[USA Fellowships of the Max Kade Foundation]

How to apply

To apply for a MAX KADE Fellowship of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, applicants must complete the following steps:

I Read the general guidelines

II Complete the online form

III Prepare documents

IV Submit documents


I General Guidelines

Submission deadline

25 June 2024

Language of application

The application must be written in English. 

Subsequent alterations

It is not possible to alter the application or to provide missing documents after submission. Only applications that fulfil the formal criteria will be accepted for review.

Exclusion of reviewers

It is possible to exclude from the review process up to three potential reviewers who may not be well disposed towards the proposed project.


If an application is declined, it is possible to resubmit provided the conditions of application are met.  

Resubmitted applications must be clearly marked as resubmissions and an accompanying report outlining the progress the project has made since initial submission must be included. If the reviews following initial submission expressed criticism or suggestions for revision, applicants should state whether and how these points have been addressed.

II Online-Form

Upon receipt of the application, the applicant’s data are entered into the database of the Department of Fellowships and Awards.

Online Form (available at the next deadline for applications)

III Preparing documents

The following application documents and project documents must be prepared for submission:

Application documents

  • tabular CV
  • list of publications
    that is clearly structured, i.e. providing a complete list of scholarly publications in reverse chronological order listing all authors, titles, publication, year, and first and last page number
  • description of academic activities to date, including education
  • written confirmation from the director of the institute in Austria that the applicant will be accepted back at the institute in a position commensurate with his/her achievements following completion of the research stay (including a signed copy)
  • confirmation in writing from the host institute in the USA that the applicant has been accepted and that a workspace will be provided for research (including a signed copy)
  • demonstration that the necessary permissions have been received for undertaking the proposed project (e.g.  declaration of clearance by the Commission for Ethics or the Animal Testing Commission)
  • Letters of recommendation from three people who have known the applicant during his/her academic training or subsequent activities and in are a position to assess his/her development (a signed copy of each letter is to be provided)

Application documents

  • Abstract (one- to two-page exposé of the proposed project)
  • Detailed research proposal for the stay in the USA (approx. 10–20 pages)
    The research proposal should include:
    -   general aims, including details on the nature and extent of the applicant’s contribution to the overall project (if the proposed project is embedded in a larger project)
    -   detailed discussion of the problem
    -   methods
    -   timetable (12-18 months)
    -   select bibliography

IV Submitting documents

The completed documents should be submitted via the online form and as two hard copies by post.

Submission via the online form

Please complete the online form (see point II) and upload your documents as a total of three PDF files.

In the abstract, state your name and the title of the proposed project. It is not necessary to sign the electronic version. Protected files cannot be accepted.

The individual files may not exceed 3 MB.

Name the files as follows:

  • Application_surname.pdf   (application documents)
  • Abstract_surname.pdf         (abstract)
  • Proposal_surname.pdf        (research proposal)

Submission by post

Please send two signed copies of the online form together with the documents listed above (write on one side only; include two copies of each document, arranged in order) to:

Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften
Abteilung für Stipendien und Preise
Dr. Ignaz Seipel-Platz 2
1010 Wien

When enclosing your documents, do not use plastic folders, paper clips, staples or any form of binding and submit your documents in the order in which they are listed above. (Documents will not be returned following review.)


Upon receipt of the application before the deadline, we will check that it is complete and fulfils all formal criteria before filing it with a project number in the database of the Department of Fellowships and Awards.

After applications have been checked for completeness, applicants receive confirmation by email.


Value of Fellowship
56.500,- USD

Duration of Fellowship
12 Monate

Submission Deadline
25 June 2024


The Road to a Fellowship




Upon being awarded a fellowship

General Documents

Max-Kade Documents