Programme Statutes

The Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW) awards grants for library, archive and field research stays outside Austria which are necessary for preparing scientific papers or publications or for drafting external funding applications.


The grants are awarded for research projects in the humanities and cultural studies which require a (research) stay outside Austria.

The objective of the programme is to provide support for library, archive and field research stays required in connection with the drafting of a scientific paper or publication or the preparation of an external funding application. No grants are awarded for participation in courses, workshops, conferences and similar.

The ÖAW’s branch offices in Athens (ÖAI Athens), Rome (HI Rome) and Cairo (ÖAI Cairo) in particular offer extensive opportunities to network with local researchers besides offering free accommodation and support when conducting research there.

Grant applications for projects carried out at one of these institutions will be given priority provided they meet the institution’s standards of quality.

Target group

Applications are invited from researchers in the humanities and cultural studies

  • who received their most recent academic degree (Mag./MA or Dr/PhD) not more than five years ago,
  • who are studying for a doctoral degree/PhD or working as a (senior) researcher at a university or non-university research institution in Austria, and
  • who have a specific project that requires a (research) stay outside Austria.

Grant period

Grants are awarded for periods of one to nine months.

Grants must be taken up within six months of the award being announced; they may also be taken up at a later date in substantiated exceptional cases.


The grant amounts to EUR 1,500.00 a month.

Depending on the amount of travel they will be undertaking in connection with the grant, recipients may apply for an amount of max. EUR 800.00 to cover travel and accommodation expenses.

In addition, recipients can request a subsidy of max. EUR 300.00 to cover the costs of foreign health insurance.

Selection process

The awards committee is made up of experts nominated by the ÖAW. Decisions about the award of grants are made on the basis of external reviews.

The key criteria for the selection of grant recipients are the applicant’s scientific qualifications, the scientific quality of their research project, and the necessity of undertaking a research stay in situ for purposes of the project.

Applicants have no entitlement to the award of a grant.

The awards committee’s decision is final.

Achievement of objectives

Grant recipients will be required to present the results of their research projects in public and to send a final report to the ÖAW Department of Fellowships & Awards within one month of the grant expiring. Publications authored in connection with the grant must also be presented.

If the grant recipient is responsible for any failure to comply with the grant conditions, they will be required to repay the grant.

Public relations

The words “gefördert im Rahmen der Archiv- und Reisestipendien GO.INVESTIGATIO der ÖAW“ or “funded within the framework of the OeAW’s Archive and Travel Grant GO.INVESTIGATIO“ must be inserted in all publications authored in connection with the grant.


[As of September 2021]


Value of Fellowship
1.500,- Euro per month

Duration of Fellowship
1 - 9 months

Submission Deadline
5 December 2024


The Road to a Fellowship