JESH - Joint Excellence in Science and Humanities



Application language

Applications must be written in English. 

Subsequent amendments

It is not possible to make amendments or submit missing documents once an application has been submitted.

Only applications which fulfil the formal criteria will be considered for assessment.


In the event of an unsuccessful application, it is possible to resubmit a reworked proposal as long as the conditions of application are fulfilled.

Applications submitted a second time must be clearly indicated as such. A cover letter accompanying a second submission must outline the progress that has been made since the first submission.


Applications must include both general documents and project documents.

General documents must include:

  • CV and list of publications
  • Confirmation of employment/affiliation in country of origin by the head of the institution
    Please use this form:
  • Statement by the host institution including an outline of the proposed cooperation, an assessment of the pre-existing contacts with the applicant, the reason for the invitation, and the potential long-term effects and impact in the respective focus country
    Please use this form:

Project documents must include:

  • Project abstract (1 page)
  • Project exposé (5–10 pages) covering the following aspects:
  1. General aims of the project (state of research, research questions and methodology)
  2. Reasons for the research stay and the intended cooperation as well as the expected personal benefit
  3. The newness of the cooperation and its anticipated long-term effect
  4. Impact on the field of research in the applicant’s country of origin (JESH Incoming) or the focus country (JESH Outgoing)
  5. Rationale for the duration of stay (including work steps and timetable)


The completed documents must be uploaded using the online form. You will then receive a document that you will be required to sign, scan, and submit by email.


Fill in the online form and upload the documents as three PDF files:

  1. General documents
  2. Project abstract
  3. Project exposé



Upon receipt, your application will be checked to ensure that it complies with the formal criteria. You will receive email confirmation once this check is complete.