APART-GSK Application

To apply for an APART-GSK Fellowship of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, applicants must complete the following steps:

I    Read the general guidelines
II   Fill in the online form
III  Prepare the application
IV  Submit the application


Language of application

Applications can be submitted in either German or English.

Subsequent alterations

It is not possible to alter the application or to provide missing documents after submission. Only applications that fulfil the formal criteria will be accepted for review.

Exclusion of reviewers

It is possible to exclude from the review process up to three potential reviewers who may not be well disposed towards the proposed project.


It is possible to re-apply to this fellowship programme, but only once and as long as the conditions of application are fulfilled.

Applications submitted a second time must be clearly indicated as such:

  • Outline of the progress that has been made with the project since the first submission in the introduction to the revised project description
  • Statement on the criticism or suggestions for reworking in the reviews of the first submission

The re-application is a new procedure: Please update all application documents and revise your proposal based on the suggestions in the reviews!


Upon receipt of the application, the applicant’s data are entered into the database of the Department of Fellowships and Awards.

Online form 



Application documents

  1. Tabular CV
  2. List of max. 5 most important publications
  3. Letter of motivation (1 page max.)
    Description of previous scholarly activities and career plan outlining mid-term career goals and the significance of the requested fellowship for one’s future academic career
  4. Copy of doctoral/PhD certificate
  5. Confirmation of a workplace, i.e. confirmation of the possibility to use facilities and resources of the department or research institution if necessary for undertaking the research project
  6. An (informal) invitation from the host institute if a stay abroad is planned as part of the fellowship
  7. Demonstration of approval necessary for the research project (e.g. declaration of clearance by the Commission for Ethics)

Project documents

  1. Abstract (one- to two-page summary of the research proposal)
  2. Project description  (10-15 pages, excl. bibliography) considering the following aspects:
  • current state of research and the theoretical framework
  • innovative and, if applicable, inter-/multidisciplinary aspects
  • research questions/hypotheses and methodological considerations
  • work steps and timetable (including reasons for the funding period applied for)
  • list of works cited in the project description (bibliography)
  • details of site/s of research, including where applicable reasons for the planned stay abroad
  • itemization and reasons for the costs applied for, using the form for breakdown of costs:
    each year, funding amounting to a maximum of EUR 12,000 can be applied for in order to finance project-specific travel and materials expenses (e.g. publications in open access journals, coaching or personal development courses, etc.).



The completed documents are to be submitted via the online form.

Submission via the online form

Please complete the online form (see point II) and upload your documents as a total of three PDF files.

In the abstract, state your name and the title of the proposed project. Protected files cannot be accepted.

In the abstract, state your name and the title of the proposed project

The individual files may not exceed 3 MB. Name the files as follows:

  • Bewerbung_surname.pdf   (= application documents)
  • Abstract_surname.pdf        (= abstract)
  • Projekt_surname.pdf       (= project description)



Upon receipt of the application before the deadline, we will check that it is complete and fulfils all formal criteria before filing it with a project number (A-number) in the database of the Department of Fellowships and Awards.

After applications have been checked for completeness, applicants receive confirmation by email.



Value of Fellowship
EUR 82.390,- (gross/gross) per year
+ travel and material costs

Duration of Fellowship
36 / 48 Months

Submission Deadline
25 March 2024 (23:59 CET)


The Road to a Fellowship