APART-GSK Selection


The selection process for an APART-GSK Fellowship of the Austrian Academy of Sciences takes around five to six months.

The candidates’ applications that make the shortlist are reviewed by international experts. The candidates ranking highest on the basis of the reviews within a given research field can be invited to interviews.

Upon completion of the review procedure, the reviews are anonymised before being sent to each applicant.

Please note that due to budgetary circumstances applications have to be rejected despite receiving positive reviews.

The committee’s decision is final.

Awarding committee

The awarding committee consists of scholars at a university or non-university research institution in Austria who are proven experts in their field in Austria. The committee members are nominated by the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

Care is taken when assembling the committee to avoid bias.

Assessment criteria

Applicant’s academic qualifications and development prospects

  • publications
  • special successes, distinctions, awards
  • (international) mobility
  • (international) cooperation with other scholars or working groups (including in other disciplines)

Scholarly quality of the proposed project

  • originality and relevance to the field
  • clarity of research questions
  • appropriateness of methodology
  • feasibility of the project – incl. work plan and timetable


Value of Fellowship
EUR 82.390,- (gross/gross) per year
+ travel and material costs

Duration of Fellowship
36 / 48 Months

Submission Deadline
25 March 2024 (23:59 CET)


The Road to a Fellowship