The fellowships are awarded by a selection committee. Half of the committee members are nominated by the OeAW and half from Universities Austria (uniko).

The selection committee creates a shortlist of applications to be sent for international review. Two reviews are obtained for each application; the commission decides whom to award the fellowships on the basis of these reviews.

The selection procedure takes approx. 5 months.

It is not possible to reapply after a proposal has been rejected.

The committee’s decision is final.

Selection Criteria

1. Applicant’s academic qualifications and development prospects

  • successful studies, e.g. Diplom/Master’s and doctoral/PhD degree
  • special successes, distinctions, prizes
  • publications
  • (international) mobility
  • letter of recommendation

2. Scholarly quality of research to date

  • originality and relevance to the field, esp. of the research questions and results of the doctoral thesis
  • quality of specialist journals or publishing houses published in
  • collaboration with other scholars or working groups (including in other disciplines)
  • international cooperation within the framework of research projects to date

3. Scholarly quality of the proposed project

  • Application for funding for developing an application for third-party funding:
    originality and relevance to the field, clarity of research questions and methodology; assessment of prospects of obtaining funding in the selected funding line on the basis of the CV and list of publications
  • Application to complete publications:
    relevance of the planned publication to the field and the applicant’s further career development; quality of the intended specialist journal or the publishing house
  • Application for funding networks:
    assessment of the planned international cooperation/networks (esp. quality of the proposed research institution and scholarly potential of the planned stay abroad) with regard to the applicant’s further career development






Value of Fellowship

Duration of Fellowship
3 - 12 months

Submission deadline
15 May 2024 and
15 November 2024