The prize was founded in 2003 on the initiative of the Works Council of the Austrian Academy of Sciences to honour the presidency of Werner Welzig and is financed equally by the Works Council and the employer.
After several double awards in the past, the prize will now be awarded twice on a permanent basis.

The prize is awarded to employees of the Austrian Academy of Sciences who have contributed in a special way to the internal cohesion or to the public reputation of the Academy

The prize is not intended to honour scientific achievements, but to be awarded to employees regardless of their field of work. In the category "public reputation", special consideration should be given to persons who, in the course of their work, contribute to the communication of scientific issues to the public.

Active members of the Works Council, heads of institutes and administrative units as well as employees of limited liability companies are excluded from receiving the Werner Welzig Award. The latter because, for legal reasons, they cannot be represented by the OeAW Works Council.

Only nominations from employees of the OeAW will be accepted.

Selection Procedure

Prize winners are decided by the awards committee, comprising three representatives of the Works Council and three Members of the OeAW.

Nomination Documents

Please send your nomination together with detailed justifi ation and (if available) a tabular CV of the nominee by email to barbara.haberl(at) 


Value of the Award
3.000,-- Euro

Submission Deadline
24 November 2023




  • OEAW and Works Council of the OEAW