The award recognizes outstanding doctoral theses on research questions in the areas of environment, nature and wildlife conservation, preferably with reference to Austria.


The award is intended to honor exceptional research achievements by doctoral students whose dissertations address issues in the areas of environment, nature and wildlife conservation, e.g. studies, concepts or projects to increase biodiversity.

Target Group

Applications are invited from highly qualified doctoral students at a university in Austria who

  • deal with research questions in the areas of the environment, nature and wildlife conservation in their doctoral thesis, preferably with reference to Austria, and
  • have completed their doctoral studies a maximum of one year before the submission deadline.
  • Exceptions: In the case of (child) care obligations, illness or disability, this period can be extended by a maximum of one year – appropriate evidence must be provided.

If the doctoral program has not yet been completed by the submission deadline, all reports on the doctoral thesis must be available and submitted.

Selection Process

Review and selection is carried out by an independent jury of experts nominated by the ÖAW on the basis of the reviews of the dissertation.


Applications can be submitted in German or English.

Application documents as well as the thesis must be submitted for the complete application.

Application documents

  1. Curriculum vitae and list of publications, Reports on the doctoral thesis
  2. Abstract of the doctoral thesis (300-500 words)
  3. Doctoral thesis (PDF)

Submitting the Documents

Fill out the online form and upload the documents in a total of three PDF files. The size of each file must not exceed 10 MB. Protected files will not be accepted.

Afterwards, you will receive a PDF document with your information by e-mail. Please print this document, sign it, return a scan of the signed form in PDF format in a single file as an attachment to a reply to the email received (click on reply button).

IMPORTANT: The given subject and recipient must not be changed.

Online Form


Upon receipt of your application, we will check that it is complete and meets the formal criteria and it will then be entered into the database of the Department of Fellowships and Awards.

Once the application has been checked for completeness, the applicant will receive confirmation by email.

At the request of the awarding committee, applicants can be asked to submit a printed copy of the dissertation.


Research Areas: environment, nature and wildlife conservation
Allocation Interval: every year
Value of the award: 36,000 Euros
Next Call: January 21, 2024