The Johann Wilhelm Ritter von Mannagetta Award for Medicine is given for outstanding work in the field of medical research.

In 2023 the award will be given for research to the causes and functional disorders ofdepression.

Nominations are sought for scientists aged 45 and under (allowances are made for parental leave) who have produced outstanding research in their field and are working at an Austrian university or research institution at the time of their nomination.

Selection procedure

The winner is selected by an awards committee appointed by the Austrian Academy of Sciences. The committee may also consult external experts.

Nomination documents (in English)

  • a personal statement by the nominator with regard to the following aspects:
    • the nominee´s scientific career and international visibility within the scientific community
    • the nominee´s influence on the development of research in the field
    • a description of the nominee´s research achieventstabular CV including a list the nominee´s publications
  • a selection of the 3 (max.) most important publications documenting the nominee´s prize-worthy achievements, as PDFs


Upload via online form

The completed documents are to be uploaded via the online form.


Fill in the online form and upload the documents as a total of 4 PDF files.

The individual files may not exceed 10 MB. The files are to be given the following names:

  • Nomination_Surname.pdf   (= i.e. nomination documtnes)
  • Publication1_Surname.pdf (= i.e. publication1 submitted as PDF file)
  • Publication2_Surname.pdf (= i.e. publication2 submitted as PDF file)
  • Publication3_Surname.pdf (= i.e. publication3 submitted as PDF file)

Afterwards, you will receive a document that you will have to print and sign. Return a scan of the signed form in PDF format (single file) as an attachment to a reply to the received email (click reply button). IMPORTANT: The default subject and recipient must not be changed.


Upon receipt of your application, we will check that it is complete and meets the formal criteria and it will then be entered into the database of the Department of Fellowships and Awards.

Once the application has been checked for completeness, the applicant will receive confirmation by email.


Research Area

Value of Prize
15.000,- Euro


Deadline for Submissions
November 5, 2023


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